I attract what I focus my attention on.

I attract what I focus my attention on.

I understand that what I give energy to grows, so I consciously choose where I focus my energies.

I am very visual by nature. I use imagination and creativity. I imagine and draw a picture. I write my vision down and share it with loved ones and friends. I seek feedback, which brings me closer to achieving my goal.

My eyes are always open, watching, and I look everywhere for clues. I notice details and little things that I may otherwise miss.

I catch myself in my negative thinking so that I can deal with it right away. I replace limiting beliefs with affirmations and remind myself of the power within.

I am aware of what I put in my mind. My mind is like a magnet, and it attracts what I focus on. Thus, whenever I put my attention on something, I attract it.

When I concentrate my consciousness, I become aware of the many invisible forces working behind the scenes to achieve success.

I focus my attention on positive outcomes. I visualize my goal and keep that image clearly before my eyes. I see my vision in my mind’s eye, and then I feel my goal in my heart.

I focus on the fact that whatever happens in my life, I can handle it. I take full responsibility for my actions.

Today, I refuse to wait for miracles to occur. I focus my energies on taking action toward my goals. I plan out specific steps and follow through with each step.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What tools can I use to help me manifest my goals?
2. How do I notice and replace negative thoughts?
3. Is there anything I wish to attract today?

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