It is in my power to achieve my purpose.

It is in my power to achieve my purpose.

I am conscious of my path and purpose in life.

I set daily intentions to fulfill my destiny, and I keep going to reach my goal.

Even when I face obstacles and challenges, I ensure that I take steps toward living my true purpose. When I fail and fall, I learn from my mistakes and use the opportunity to grow wiser for the next part of my journey.

I am dedicated to living out my true purpose.

My vision has become more evident as I continuously live by my values. I see how others benefit from my efforts as I do so.

I walk in awareness and hear clearly what others need. I commit to giving back and bringing out the best in others. I am committed to creating a better world for us all.

I honor my inner child. I am grateful to my inner child for reminding me of my strengths and talents.

I am a teacher, I write books, and I mentor others. I am committed to helping uplift myself and those around me by seeking knowledge and wisdom. I keep learning.

Today, I know it is in my power to achieve my purpose. I keep growing and evolving. I am committed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways does my life reflect my commitment to achieving my purpose?
2. Do I hold myself accountable for fulfilling my purpose?
3. What steps can I take today to become more committed to my purpose?

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