I have faith.

I live according to my beliefs. I believe in myself. I value and accept myself as I am. I know that I am worthy of love and respect. I believe in my family and friends. I appreciate their encouragement and support. I thank them for their presence in my life.

I believe in generosity, kindness, and compassion. I volunteer my time and donate money to worthy causes. I lend a hand when I see someone struggling. I do favors for neighbors and coworkers without expecting anything in return.

I believe in learning and personal development. I add to my knowledge and skills. I read books and talk with others about their interests. I take courses and travel.

I believe in building community. I collaborate with others who share my values and priorities.

I believe in self-care. I keep myself strong and fit. I eat nutritious whole foods. I exercise regularly and get adequate sleep. I believe in having fun. I make time to laugh and play each day.

I believe in nature. I protect the environment by conserving energy and water. I pick up litter and recycle. I make my yard a haven for wildlife.

I believe in the divine. I pray. I participate in a faith community where I can discuss my experiences with others.

Today, I place my confidence and trust in concepts and relationships that make my life more meaningful. I feel peaceful and joyful. My faith gives me inner strength. It guides my choices and helps me through difficult times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I learn by interacting with others from different faith traditions?
2. What am I doing to support my spiritual growth?
3. Where does faith come from?

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