I thank myself.

When I think about what I am grateful for, I remember to put myself on the list. I recognize my positive qualities and achievements.

I adopt a healthy lifestyle. I eat a balanced diet full of delicious whole foods. I exercise regularly. I sleep well and manage stress constructively.

I reach out to others. I develop close and mutually supportive relationships. I spend time with family and friends. I share my thoughts and feelings. I give back to my community. I use my strengths to do meaningful work.

I slow down and savor small pleasures. I connect with my senses. I do one task at a time and give it my full attention. I make intentional choices that align with my values and beliefs. I pray.

I thank myself in many ways.

I express my gratitude in words. I look in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations. I give myself credit when I make progress toward reaching my goals.

I give myself meaningful rewards. I treat myself to my favorite dinner. I plan special activities like a day at the beach or a night at the movies. I schedule quiet time to relax and work on my hobbies.

I take care of my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. I treat myself with kindness and compassion.

Today, I give myself a big hug. I appreciate who I am and what I do. I thank myself for being smart and strong.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the benefits of feeling thankful?
2. What is one personality trait that I am grateful for?
3. If I was writing in my gratitude journal today, what would I say about myself?

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