I am a team player.

Daily Affirmation

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I take care of my responsibilities. I am competent and reliable. I use my strengths and take initiative. I complete my assignments and meet deadlines. I do my fair share.

I focus on group goals. I understand my team’s objectives. I enjoy playing my role and contributing to our success.

I communicate tactfully and directly. I listen attentively to others and ask thoughtful questions. I talk face-to face as much as possible and participate actively in meetings. I provide valuable information and constructive feedback.

I adapt to change. I am open to new ideas and approaches. I think positive and look for potential gains.

I support others. I help create a friendly and inclusive team culture. I teach others what I know. I offer praise and reassurance. I use humor to relieve stress. I greet others warmly and bring in coffee and cookies.

I develop solid relationships. I establish rapport with others. I show them that I care about their interests and opinions. I make time for small talk and happy hours.

I share credit. I recognize others for their contributions. I thank them privately and mention them in meetings and emails.

I resolve conflicts promptly and respectfully. I set reasonable boundaries. I search for common ground. I apologize and make amends when I fall short of expectations.

Today, I work together with my team toward our shared goals. I am productive and engaged. I feel encouraged and empowered. I thrive on collaboration.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is teamwork important?
2. What do I enjoy about working with others?
3. What are the advantages and challenges of working with a diverse team?

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