I am generous with my time, money, and energy.

Daily Affirmation

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I am generous with my time, money, and energy.

I learn to manage my time wisely, which improves my life each day.

I create a work environment that allows me to schedule my day efficiently. I can accomplish more than I ever imagined, and I understand my priorities in life.

I prioritize family, friends, and activities and am an advocate for those less fortunate than me. I donate time, money, and resources to help those in need and volunteer.

I am blessed with many opportunities, so I choose to spend time and energy to help others. I realize that giving back to others benefits me and makes me feel good.

When faced with challenges, I first consider what is most important to me. Then I think of ways to give to others.

I try anything once and explore options.

Sometimes, I fail miserably in trying to do something for someone else. However, the experience of failing gives me valuable information to apply next time.

I live within my means and plan my finances carefully to help me achieve financial security. I save enough money every month to meet my monthly expenses and pay off my debts as soon as possible.

I know my time is precious and I spend it doing things that are important to me. I learn how to eliminate distractions to focus on what matters most.

Today, I accept that life is short, and I give myself and my passion as much time as possible. I give to others and do my best. I am generous.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I be more generous with my time, money, or energy?
2. How do I feel when I am in service to others?
3. How do I ensure that I give myself enough?

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