Being kind to myself leads to prosperity.

Being kind to myself leads to prosperity.

I deserve love and acceptance, regardless of my past, and I start by treating myself well. I am the only one responsible for treating myself kindly.

I am aware of my inner feelings and beliefs, and I observe when I feel unloved, unaccepted, and unworthy. I notice when I try to prove to myself, pay attention to these things, and begin to heal them.

When I stop trying to justify my worthiness, I notice something much better than proving anything to myself. It is finding peace.

I learn to accept myself unconditionally and live in peace. I take care of everything that needs tending and know that I am enough.

Peace is knowing that no matter what happens, I always have a choice in how I react to it. Relaxation comes when I am safe, even in situations where I previously felt unsafe.

I live authentically and practice forgiveness by loving myself. Being at peace is doing what feels right to me and letting go of the rest.

Contentment comes because I already possess the wealth I seek.

Happiness comes when my mind is healthy enough to let go of worrying about tomorrow, and my heart is filled with love.

Today, when I find peace within, I attract prosperity into my life. I seek out new ways to find peace in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Can I truly believe that I deserve to feel good about myself? Why or why not?
2. How can being kind to myself lead to prosperity?
3. How can I rewire my brain to accept myself unconditionally?

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