I root for myself.

Daily Affirmation

I am my own cheerleader.

I recognize my strengths and achievements. I evaluate my performance and look for patterns, so I can understand the things I do well. I give myself credit for making an effort.

I watch the way I talk to myself. I choose encouraging and inspiring words. I look in the mirror and repeat affirmations that energize and inspire me.

I promote myself and my work. I share my wisdom and look for opportunities to be helpful. I network with others. I share content and participate in conversations on social media. I make myself visible at work and in my community.

I give myself meaningful rewards. I celebrate strengthening my core muscles and earning new career certifications. I go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant or buy some scented candles.

I surround myself with family and friends who believe in me. I share my victories and defeats. I ask for constructive feedback, so I can learn and grow.

I think positive. I list the qualities that make me loveable and special. I view challenges as opportunities. I take worthwhile risks while focusing on what I have to gain. I cultivate humor and gratitude.

I set myself up for success. I adopt habits that help me to reach my goals. I manage my time. I follow consistent routines. I limit distractions, like watching TV or browsing online.

Today, I connect with my power and potential. I deserve happiness and fulfillment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why do I sometimes sabotage my own success?
2. How does lifting someone else up give me a boost too?
3. What would I say to a friend who has trouble handling rejection?

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