I strive to grow and learn more about myself.

Daily Affirmation

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I strive to grow and learn more about myself.

Life is an endless journey of discovery, a discovery of self and knowledge. I learn more every day.

I keep my brain healthy and sharp by learning new topics and areas of interest each day. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, and I study to understand how things work.

I read books and blogs that help me understand human nature and develop strategies for living a happier life. I take opportunities to attend events and seminars that challenge me intellectually.

I am open to new perspectives and change my thinking to accommodate new ideas. I admit when the answer is beyond my current knowledge, and I go and find it!

I am honest about my failures and successes in life. I let go of my ego.

Someone else’s thoughts about me matter very little – it only matters what I think about myself. I feel great because I am growing and learning new things. My life gets better each day. All is well in my world!

I love myself and have pride in the amazing individual I am in the present while acknowledging that my capacity for growth is limitless. I am happy with who I am and accept myself.

Today, I live life knowing that anything is possible. I am excited and optimistic about the possibilities in life. My confidence is high, and I am calm and relaxed. I am focused, determined, and motivated. I am on top of my game.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I go to when I need help with a challenge in life?
2. Which resources and technologies do I make use of to find answers?
3. How does admitting a lack of knowledge in an area help me?

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