I take control of my destiny.

Daily Affirmation

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I take control of my destiny.

I am accountable for my words and actions, friendships and relationships, and lifestyle. If something feels wrong, I listen to my feelings and instincts. Then I make changes.

I learn to let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs – I am very good at controlling my thoughts now. I am in charge of my life and destiny.

I observe my energy every day and notice when I feel tired or anxious. When my energy drops, I pause to focus on my breath. I allow my mind to be calm.

I choose to focus on something that makes me happy. I think about things that uplift my mood. I watch funny videos. I read inspirational books. I play uplifting music. When I feel ready, I continue with my goal.

If I am interrupted during my day, I thank whoever caused the interruption. I then ask for the interrupter’s help with completing the interrupted task, staying focused, and completing the job.

I make sure that I keep myself accountable. When I complete one of my daily goals, I write it down, and I post it somewhere visible so that I can review it later.

In addition to working towards achieving my daily goals, I take the time to plan for tomorrow. I map out my week using an online calendar. I am mindful of the clock and avoid procrastination.

Today, I focus on priorities, decisions, needs, and wants. I strike a balance between long-term goals and immediate needs. I am productive and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I decide the priority of a task?
2. What tools do I use to keep me on track?
3. How can I embrace challenges?

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