Exercise is fun.

I love to work out.

I create interesting challenges for myself. I set goals for building my strength, increasing my flexibility, and conditioning my heart. I track my progress. I savor the satisfaction of my achievements. I give myself rewards like healthy desserts and new shoes.

I vary my routines. Mixing things up helps me to avoid boredom. I alternate between pilates classes and rock-climbing sessions. I read fitness books and watch videos to gather new ideas.

I socialize with others. I surround myself with support. I invite family and friends to join me. Having a workout buddy provides company and makes me feel more accountable. I participate in online forums where I can share encouragement and helpful feedback.

I connect with nature. Running requires less effort when I have a river view.

I dance and sing. I play music that lifts my spirits and makes me want to move.

I buy some toys. I keep simple equipment at home and bring it with me on business trips. I skip rope and shimmy around with a hula hoop.

I play games. I use apps that let me workout with friends while I collect points or run from zombies. I practice my favorite sports or try pickleball for the first time.

I cultivate a positive body image. I look at exercise as something positive I do for myself. I am grateful for my body and how hard it works. I want to keep it strong and fit.

Today, I enjoy myself while I work out. I have so much fun that I forget I am exercising.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I like about working out?
2. How does my diet affect how I feel about exercising?
3. What is one new workout I want to try?

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