I have everything I need to succeed.

Daily Affirmation

Inspirational affirmation over cosmic mountain landscape.

I recognise and appreciate that I have all the tools I need to succeed. I just need to pick them up and use them.

I write down my hopes and dreams. I smile. I know that soon they will be a reality that I have created for myself.

I take time to value my wonderful friends and inspiring family. I recognise them individually. I listen to their thoughts. We share each other’s journeys. We connect.

I know my friends and family support me in my endeavours. I appreciate how excited they are for me as I embark on a new journey.

I make decisions about my future. I identify what I need to do with the tools in front of me. I make dreams into realities by putting ideas into place. I take action. I make changes.

I take a moment to appreciate my own inner strength. I clear my mind of doubt and turn nervous energy into excitement. I look at the opportunities on the horizon.

I reach out with my hands to catch the leaves flurrying about, buoyed by the strength of the wind. I recognise that perhaps I am like the wind, fleeting, free, and able to go anywhere I choose.

I seek support from those around me and know that they are there to help. I seek guidance, encouragement and feedback. I appreciate that dreams only happen with passion.

Today, I look at the opportunities in front of me and put plans into action.

Self-reflection Questions:
1. Am I doing everything I can to make myself happy?
2. Am I using the tools in front of me to turn ambition into reality?
3. Have I decided on the tools I am using to achieve my goals?

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