I face any challenge that confronts me.

Whenever I am faced with a challenge, my reaction is to be calm, to be confident, and to be certain. I already know without a doubt that I can defeat this challenge, even before I have a chance to meet it.

I am brave. I choose to face and confront any challenge that comes my way head on, without fear and without flinching. I know that this allows me to see the challenge for what it really is and to understand the truth of it.

The truth gives me the strength I need to tackle and overcome each challenge that comes my way.

I stand before the obstacle as a warrior would a ferocious monster or mythical beast. I see that I may feel intimidated and overwhelmed, but I know to put these feelings to one side, and to focus on the truth: I face any challenge that confronts me, and I succeed in all that I do.

I am unstoppable. I always step up to do the right thing, and I emerge as the victor in any situation.

I am fearless. I never shy away from a challenge, and I always learn from my experiences.

I am a warrior. I am strong. I am powerful.

Today, I choose to be powerful. I know that I have the strength, the confidence and the ability to tackle any challenge that life may throw my way. I have the power to succeed, and I emerge as the victor in every situation.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are three challenges that I am most proud of overcoming in life?
2. How can I transform my mindset to ensure that I am ready for any challenge?
3. Which achievements do I take the most pride in?

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