My achievements come with practice and time.

Daily Affirmation

Inspirational affirmation over cosmic mountain landscape.

My achievements come with practice and time.

I make progress each day. It is slow but steady and comes only after lots of trial and error. My achievements require patience and persistence. It takes time to master anything new, and I learn by doing.

Sometimes I get frustrated when things go off course from my plans. Experience has taught me that I can seek new perspectives rather than force an issue.

I know that action increases the chances of success. Waiting makes me anxious, and worrying is futile, so I take action and relax.

I learn to keep my mind open to possibilities and trust that I can succeed if I stay open to the journey ahead. I have confidence in my abilities because I can achieve my goals.

I know through experience that trial and error and practice are time spent wisely and a good use of my energy. Learning and practicing are essential to achievement, and time spent learning is saved later.

I know the value of consistency, and I understand that consistency requires discipline and diligence. Consistency helps me achieve better results, which is why discipline is so important. Disciplined people live consistently well!

Today, I am a consistent person. I commit to excellence every day. I practice and learn, learn and practice. It takes time, but I achieve so much that I know my time is worth it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I rate myself in terms of my overall achievement?
2. What do I plan for my next achievement?
3. What should I practice and learn in order to accomplish this achievement?

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