I deserve patience.

Daily Affirmation

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I am a good person, full of love, wisdom, and dignity. I deserve to be treated with patience, tolerance, and understanding in every moment of my life. I know that this is my right.

I am worthy of being heard and acknowledged in all that I have to say.

I see that in order to achieve this, I have a responsibility. It is my duty to consciously surround myself with people who bring out the very best in me in every moment, and who encourage me to be my best self in all I do.

I deserve to surround myself with people who can be kind, patient, and tolerant, and who respect me for who I am. I make a vow to curate my circle to include these people in my life.

I am conscious and aware of the people I choose to share my energy with – I know that to live my best life, I must surround myself with positive, calm, and patient people who have my best interests at heart.

I am grateful and thankful to those I have already met on my journey. I vow to always show them the same patience.

I am worthy of respect, and my voice should be heard.

Today, I know that I deserve patience, dignity, and respect. I choose to surround myself with people who honor this and give me the time, patience, and space that I need to live my best life, and I am grateful for them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I believe that I deserve patience?
2. Who should I bring into my inner circle that will give me the patience I deserve?
3. Do I show the same patience to others that I want?

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