I accept growing old gracefully.

I accept growing old gracefully.

It is okay to be old. I can continue to live a happy life.

I live in abundance. I am young in spirit. I vow that as long as my body allows me to live, I can value each moment! I have breath in my lungs. I can breathe freely, and I cherish each breath.

I experience physical changes with acceptance. The constant is that my spirit always remains strong. I learn as I go through life, and I embrace change as a sign of growth.

I see the positives in aging. The older I become, the wiser I become. I love watching children grow up. They are so full of wonder. They are filled with excitement. Their minds are wide open to learning, and they are so passionate about everything.

I face each transition period in my life with graceful acceptance. I find new qualities that make me unique. I do the things that bring me joy, which keeps my youthful energy strong.

The older I get, the more I appreciate my youthfulness. I realize the value of my time, and I recognize the preciousness of each day. I also realize how much of my future remains unwritten.

I notice how I think about myself differently. Now I can seek to understand my mortality in order to cherish the present moment.

Today, I choose to reflect on my wonderful childhood memories. I remember all the fantastic things that happen throughout life. I relive the adventures, and I laugh at the silliness. I rejoice in my fun memories!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does my mind tell me about myself right now?
2. How young do I feel in spirit?
3. What advice do I offer to myself?

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