I limit screen time.

Daily Affirmation

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I use technology wisely.

I keep track of how I spend my time. It is easy to lose track of hours streaming and playing video games. I use apps or my own reminders to stay on schedule.

I set specific goals. I decide how many hours to spend online outside of work or school. I am flexible and realistic.

I make a commitment. I remember my purpose. I develop concrete plans. I reward myself for my progress.

I disconnect during meals. I put my devices away at family dinners and restaurants.

I give myself a curfew. I turn off my devices at least one hour before bed.

I am selective about where I spend my time online. I figure out which social media platforms and websites are most important to me. I prioritize which TV shows and movies to watch.

I engage in other activities. I stay busy with fun and enriching pastimes. I hang out with family and friends. I work on my hobbies. I exercise and play sports. I cook delicious meals. I take classes and travel.

I reach out for support. I make managing screen time a family project. I provide a positive role model for my children. I ask my partner and friends to remind me when I am looking at my phone instead of paying attention to them.

Today, I set healthy boundaries for screen time. My life is balanced and satisfying.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What would I do if I had a week without an internet connection?
2. How does excessive screen time affect my health and productivity?
3. How do I feel about the amount of time I spend online?

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