My vision is clear.

I have a firm sense of purpose. I set goals that align with my values. I aim high. My objectives are worthwhile and specific. They guide me toward my destination.

I leverage my strengths. I understand my talents and abilities. I structure my daily activities to take advantage of my unique gifts.

I manage my time. I rank my priorities. I block out time for the projects that are meaningful to me. I limit distractions and shorten my to do list. I take frequent breaks to replenish my resources and inspire my creativity.

I seize promising opportunities. I ask for what I want. I take risks and advocate for myself.

I venture outside of my comfort zone. I continue learning and growing. I try new things. I reach out to colleagues and acquaintances who have qualities I admire. I volunteer for challenging assignments that stretch my skills.

I persevere through challenges. I overcome obstacles and learn from each experience. I build a network of support. I remind myself that valuable things are worth working for. I stay calm and think positive.

I keep myself healthy and fit. It is easier to stay on track when I take care of my body and mind. I eat a balanced diet and exercise daily. I sleep well and manage stress.

Today, I put my life in focus. I wake up and go to sleep with my vision at the top of my mind. I feel motivated and energized.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I describe my core strengths?
2. What do I want to contribute to the world?
3. What is one image I would put on my personal vision board?

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