My time is valuable.

Daily Affirmation

Person on cliff with inspirational affirmation "My time is valuable.

I clarify my priorities. I devote most of my resources to the activities that I find meaningful. I invest in my health and relationships. I do work that is rewarding to me and spend my leisure time enriching myself and my community.

I plan my days. I make a list of the tasks I need to complete in order to reach my goals. I live intentionally rather than drifting around.

I limit distractions. I turn off the TV. I check my messages and social media pages at designated times only. I let others know when I am free and when I need to avoid interruptions.

I get organized. I create systems that help me to work efficiently. I clear away clutter and straighten up my desk. I batch similar tasks together.

I wake up early. I go to bed on time, so I start the day refreshed and energized. I work on projects that require concentration while my home and office are still quiet. I feel satisfied seeing how much I accomplish before breakfast.

I keep moving. If I feel hesitant or uninspired, I take a first step and build up momentum.

I collaborate with others. Big jobs get completed faster when I ask my family or coworkers to pitch in.

I relax and have fun. I keep some downtime in my schedule. I pause between tasks to catch my breath. I return to work feeling sharper after I call a friend or take a walk.

Today, I manage my time wisely. I treat each moment like a precious gift.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I spend my free time?
2. How can technology help me to manage my time?
3. Why is time more valuable than money?

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