In serenity, I find clarity and wisdom.

In these unprecedented times of turmoil and confusion, I untangle myself from the chaos. I unravel the fear and hatred that abounds in the mainstream consciousness.

I rise above that low-level thinking like a hot air balloon lifting off the ground into a place of peace and quiet. In the serenity of stillness, I can clear my head. In that fresh breeze, all lower-level thoughts blow away.

I breathe in the cool air and calm down. I realize that I am safe, right here, right now. I let the sandbags of anger and frustration out of my basket of beliefs. My balloon lifts higher into the stratosphere.

From up here, all the people and problems are tiny. I see from a higher perspective. I realize that all things start to make sense. As I take another cleansing breath, I recognize that all things are in divine order.

Now my mind and emotions become clear and calm. All my challenges seem small. I am in alignment with my truth. I can make choices from my highest wisdom.

From this place of peaceful perspective, I make wise decisions. I commit to choices that line up with my highest and best self.

Now that I have found my answers from my balloon ride, I start to descend back to Earth. Now I can make choices that are best for me. I smile and giggle inside as I realize how fun it is to ride high above the crowd.

Today, rather than feeling pulled in many directions, I am centered and grounded in my truth.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I need to do right now to rise above the collective consciousness to find my truth?
2. How can I help others to find serenity?
3. Who wants a ride in my beautiful balloon?

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