I bring new vitality to my creative projects.

Daily Affirmation

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I breathe new life into all my endeavors. I find resourceful material in all aspects of my life by becoming more aware of my surroundings and soaking up all the knowledge that I can.

Each day I observe Nature and find a treasure trove of resources for new material to enrich my life.

I watch a squirrel with a nut in its paws bury its treasure in the ground. As I watch through the window as still as a stone, I think to myself, “Who knew that they bury their treasure? That explains all the holes in the yard.” I chuckle at myself and file this experience away as fodder for new ideas in my projects.

As I go through my day from a place of childlike wonder, all kinds of stories unfold.

I watch a stick bug with a lame leg hobble across my path, and I notice more metaphors bubble up to the surface from my creative brain.

Stories from my friends can help stimulate my creativity. Just watching children play makes me feel like a child again.

I love to go to the library and walk amongst the books, knowing that a wealth of knowledge and ideas lies within each cover. More knowledge means even more ideas I can use in a creative fashion.

I find creative films to view. I go to lunch with my unique friends.

Today, I realize that each new experience or idea can bring vitality to my creative projects. All I need to do is pay attention and a world of wonder unfolds at my feet.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What types of things inspire my creativity?
2. How can I be more aware of the subtle world around me?
3. Who do I know that can be a part of my creative brain Trust?

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