What Self-Assessment Can Teach Us About Social and Emotional Intelligence

Self Awareness

When was the last time you set time aside to assess or evaluate yourself? Do you think it is important to do so?

First, let’s understand what self-assessment means.

Self-assessment is the ability to evaluate yourself to determine how much progress you’ve made and changes that need to be made in various aspects of your life.

This process helps individuals control their work or abilities, discover their weaknesses and strengths, and set relevant solutions.

Why Is Self-Assessment Important?

A self-assessment is to help an individual know how strong their abilities are and make changes if needed.

In some organizations, self-assessment is part of the formal employee review, where employees may provide a version of their growth over the past year or months.

Although some organizations give little importance to it, others value it because of its benefits. It could be difficult at first, but with time, one may get the hang of it.

Self-assessment involves asking questions like these:

● What are my strengths?
● What are my weaknesses?
● What are the obstacles I may face?
● What is emotional and social intelligence?

What Is Social Intelligence?

Social intelligence refers to a person’s proficiency in discerning and managing interpersonal relationships, which includes an individual’s ability to understand and respond to other people’s emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to comprehend, use, and control your own emotions in helpful ways to relieve stress, communicate well, sympathize with others, overcome challenges, and resolve conflict.

Let us consider what self-assessment can teach us regarding social and emotional intelligence:

1. Understanding other people’s emotions. When we can assess ourselves and realize that we need to make changes about being socially intelligent, it helps us to understand other people’s feelings and know what is going on with them.

● Instead of making judgements, a person with emotional intelligence takes time to see things from different perspectives. You understand the reason behind people’s actions and what triggers them to act differently.

2. Teaches us communication skills. If you can determine that you need to improve how you communicate or relay information to others, you can improve your communication skills by tactfulness.

● It takes social intelligence to know what to say, when to say it, and how. With these skills, you will communicate with others with a clear understanding and limit misunderstandings.

3. Helps build good relationships. Building a good relationship requires emotional and social intelligence. If you identify what could help you develop good relationships with those around you, you can form friendships and relationships lasting a lifetime. You can collaborate for mutual benefit.

4. It can enhance social skills. It’s important to know how to create a common ground where others feel welcomed and important. When people feel needed and important around you, they will always like to be around you.

● Powerful leaders often have social intelligence. To motivate people, they must form relationships and inspire others to want to do what needs to be done.

5. It can help build self-awareness. You’ll be better able to comprehend your emotions, understand how you feel, and how your actions can affect others around you. You know how to control your emotions when necessary. Especially when you have anger issues, you can assess your triggers and prevent them.

By understanding and putting these factors into action thoughtfully and deliberately, you can make a vast difference in your life. You will become more compassionate towards others and be able to form more fulfilling and rewarding relationships. Success will come easier for you. And you’ll more thoroughly enjoy your life.

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