Here’s Why You Should Have a Book as a Lead Magnet

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Lead magnets come in various formats. The goal of the lead magnet is to get potential clients into your sales funnel using a “value first” marketing strategy.

Lead magnets work by offering content in exchange for the leads’ contact info. Usually, this contact information is their email address and phone number. But sometimes it can include more.

This could be a report, guide, free training, or essentially, anything that would bring value to your potential customers.

A book is an effective type of lead magnet that can ensure you can reach out to gain the interest of potential clients and bring in a higher return on investment (ROI).
Why Use a Book as a Lead Magnet?

A book is a great lead magnet because it’s a high-value offer for your potential clients. All they have to do is give you their name and email address and they get to learn some new tips and tricks from your book.

As a business owner, offering a book helps you qualify potential clients and builds interest in your brand.

If prospective clients consume your entire book then 3 things happen:

1. They understand you and what your business does.

2. They’ve made it clear that they have a problem and they want advice on how to solve the problem.

3. They’ve qualified themselves as a great potential client for you.

This is why a book can be your most effective lead magnet.
How to Position and Write Your Book:

1. Answer questions. Firstly, consider what questions you need to answer to satisfy and interest potential clients.

2. Be honest. Avoid teasing your lead by saying you’re going to answer the questions that they have and then only tease the answer in your book. Seek to answer any burning questions that your potential customers have.

3. Be relatable. For example, if you sell some sort of weight loss program, then your book could talk about why specific diets don’t work for people. Just make sure that you go into the necessary depth to make your readers eager to seek your help.

4. Use a CTA. The other big aspect to include in your book is some sort of CTA or “call to action.” This can be anything from an invitation to a strategy session to a link to other readers.

5. Be encouraging. Leave your reader with something to do after reading your book. Provide them with an action that will lead them to accomplish their goals. This could also lead qualifying leads down your sales funnel and turn them into potential clients.

While other lead magnets might generate more leads for your business, a lot of those leads will be from people wanting free content, who may not be encouraged to connect with you and your business.

Instead, using a book as a lead magnet positions you as a credible authority in your market and it helps to filter and qualify the best clients for your business.

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