My life has purpose.

Daily Affirmation

Person on cliff with cosmic sky, "My life has purpose" text.

My direction is clear.

I explore my values and priorities. I reflect on my experiences and what I want out of life. I am honest about what resonates with me.

I make choices that align with my beliefs. My actions are consistent with my principles.

I listen to my heart and trust my intuition. I welcome feedback from others, while making my own decisions. I am honest and authentic. I accept myself as I am.

I invest in myself. I maintain my strength and fitness. I eat nutritious whole foods and get adequate sleep. I exercise regularly and manage stress. My inner dialogue is patient and encouraging.

I help others. I am generous and kind. I do favors without expecting anything in return. I practice random acts of kindness. I share my blessings.

I develop strong and healthy relationships. I allow myself to be vulnerable. I talk about my thoughts and feelings. I resolve conflicts. I promote healing and growth. My family and friends make my life richer.

I do meaningful work. I choose a career that enables me to use my strengths and serve my community. I support my team. I keep my skills up to date.

I connect with something bigger than myself. I pray. I study inspirational texts. I find a faith community where I can share support and discuss my spirituality.

Today, I pursue my goals and dreams. I feel confident and enthusiastic.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important to understand my purpose in life?
2. What kind of work would I choose if money was irrelevant?
3. What would my to-do list look like if it reflected my true priorities?

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