I enjoy staying active.

Daily Affirmation

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I enjoy staying active.

I love to keep moving. I add variety to my workouts. I try new things. I explore fun and interesting activities. I take yoga and dance classes. I play tennis and volleyball. I use free weights and machines.

I connect with others. I buy a family membership at our local gym. I join a walking club or find a running partner. I participate in online fitness forums where I can share support and talk about my progress.

I spend time outdoors. Fresh air and beautiful scenery make it easier to push myself.

I listen to music. My favorite songs give me energy and lift my spirits. I sing along while I use the treadmill or do pushups.

I protect myself from injuries. I take days off to rest and recover. I warm up and cool down. I watch my posture. I set realistic goals and work my way up gradually.

I make back-up plans for times when my usual workouts are interrupted. I design a home gym for rainy and snowy days. I bring a jump rope with me when I travel.

I create challenges for myself. I make my workouts feel like a game. I strive to top my last performance.

I give myself rewards. I treat myself to a passion fruit smoothie or a new pair of training shoes.

Today, I maintain an active lifestyle. I exercise regularly and move more throughout the day. I keep myself strong and fit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my main purpose for working out?
2. How can I make exercising at home more pleasant?
3. How do I motivate myself to exercise on days when I feel uninspired?

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