I deserve to be healthy.

My body is a temple, and I am eternally grateful and thankful for all that it does for me.

I consider the ways in which my body is helping me, nurturing me, nourishing me, and supporting me, right here in this moment.

My body is working for my greater good every second, even when I am unaware of it, and I am in awe.

My body is a miracle and deserves to be cared for, nourished, and respected.

I deserve to live my life at maximum health, and to ensure that I am as strong and as powerful as possible to allow me to take on the challenges of life.

My health and wellbeing is my responsibility and my duty.

I embrace this duty. I see that I have a responsibility to my body to make good choices, live my best life, and protect and nourish my body and mind.

I choose to enjoy healthy, delicious foods that offer my body the nutrients it needs every day. I am grateful to my body.

I love the chance to move my body, to push it to its limits, and to unlock my true potential. Exercise is the fuel that ignites the fire within me, and I love it.

I respect and treasure my body in every moment possible, and I acknowledge its power and strength.

Today, I choose to be healthy. I know that a healthy life is something that I deserve and that I am worth taking care of. I am worthy of self-care and appreciation, and I put myself first.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What small steps can I take to keep myself as healthy as possible?
2. Do I believe that I am worth taking care of?
3. What does a healthy life look like to me?

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