I am the love that I am looking for

I am the love that I am looking for. I realize that, rather than looking outside myself for love, that I simply need to be the love I desire.

I recognize that the more I love myself, the less I need love from others. The more I love myself, the more attractive I am to other people.

If I am feeling needy, I simply give myself more love. I fill up my own cup of love first. I fill up my own cup to overflowing and then I have plenty of love to share with others.

I know that people can sense neediness. I am choosing to make sure that I am full of love before I meet with other people.

I make sure that my cupboards are full to overflowing with love. I give myself all the love I need. I know that when I am full to overflowing with love, that I receive pure love from others.

I do whatever it takes to keep my love tank full. I always have plenty of love for myself before I go out and give from my love tank.

I find ways to talk to myself lovingly. I do my best to be kind to myself. I eradicate any thoughts that are unloving toward myself and others. I recognize that if I become resentful of others, it is because I haven’t loved myself enough. I take a step back and fill up my love cup.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How could I love myself more fully?
2. What do I need to do to recognize when I haven’t filled up my cup first?
3. What is my “love language” and how can I fulfill my love needs without imposing on others?

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