I am proud of my years.

I am proud of my years.

I enjoy seeing the changes in my face as I grow older. I know I am a wise and experienced person now. I age gracefully.

I learn how to accept myself, and in doing so, I let go of the past, and I let go of regret. I embrace the present and live in the moment.

I learn about myself each day, and I value the chance to gain knowledge daily. As I learn and grow, I am excited to see what tomorrow holds!

My skin may have some wrinkles but is still smooth. My hair may turn gray, but I choose to appreciate the changes to my hair with grace. I welcome any gray hair as a sign of accomplishment!

I am thankful for the color of my eyes and the sights they see. I love that I gain wisdom and experience as I proceed through life.

I appreciate my life and the lessons it brings. I am thankful for the present, and I live for today.

When I look in the mirror, I enjoy seeing my face in my reflection. I love the wrinkles that make my face unique. I bask in my youthful energy and vitality.

I grow grateful for the experiences in my life, and I am proud of myself and my achievements.

Today, I am proud of my years and celebrate my accomplishments. I rejoice in my age. I am thankful for the continuous opportunities to grow and learn.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What makes me happy when I look in the mirror?
2. What accomplishments am I proudest of?
3. What are my most joyful memories? How can I make more cherished memories?

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