I am an influencer for good.

I choose to be a positive influence in the world. I have gained new confidence and strength through personal growth this year, and I want to share what I have learned with others.

I can see where the old rules are disintegrating, so I choose to create a new world. Where there is greed, I teach the art of sharing. Where there is misuse of power, I come from a compassionate heart. Where there is dishonesty, I speak from my Soul.

I am entering a new era of peace. When I walk in the room, I bring a peaceful presence.

I stand for integrity at all times and in all places. I refuse to compromise my values or ethics. I stand in my truth. I set impeccable boundaries. I am invincible in my convictions.

This new-found strength and courage have come from a year of deep dives into my soul. I have “feng shuied” my life! I rid my mind of clutter. I let go of old, worn out beliefs. I reduce unnecessary time wasters. I feel clean and unencumbered.

By being brave and facing my fears head on, I have risen triumphantly! Like a hot air balloon who leaves bags of sand on the ground, I flow with the winds of life. I feel free.
I feel lighter. I feel more genuinely my authentic self. I have my inner light to guide me.

By being a genuine, caring human being, I can care for others while also taking care of myself first.

Today, I am clear with my boundaries, and others see that strength as I become a more powerful influencer for good.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I be an influencer of good in the world?
2. Where can my influence be best served?
3. Who’s lives can I influence?

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