I am a patient parent.

Daily Affirmation

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My kids benefit from my calm demeanor. I manage my emotions. I slow down and take deep breaths. I make rational decisions. I speak softly and firmly. I use discipline as a tool for teaching rather than punishment.

I identify my triggers. I observe my behavior. I recognize the situations where I become frustrated. I figure out the reasons behind my impatience and develop coping strategies.

I plan ahead. I lower the risk for tantrums and acting out. I spend quality time with my children and listen to what they have to say. I create consistent routines and expectations.

I show empathy. I recognize that my child’s behavior is a natural part of growing up rather than a deliberate challenge to my authority. I look for ways to make their struggles easier while encouraging their independence.

I appreciate curiosity. I enjoy the humor in responding to fifty different questions about what trolls eat.

I find role models. I observe other parents and teachers who interact well with children.

I focus on the big picture. My relationship with my children matters more than any passing irritation.

I take care of my own needs too. It is easier for me to be patient when I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and sleep well. I balance spending time with my children and cultivating adult relationships and interests.

Today, I remember that being patient with myself helps me to be patient with my children. I am happy and composed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I train myself to be more patient?
2. How does acknowledging my frustration help me to calm down?
3. What can I do to fix the situation if I find myself losing my patience?

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