Laughter heals me.

Humor helps me through uncertain and difficult times. It lifts my spirits. Sadness and frustration melt away when I notice something funny. I feel more energetic and creative when I amuse myself.

Laughter releases stress. I lighten the mood by telling a joke during a busy day at work. I am more productive when I relax.

Laughter draws me closer to others. I use laughter to increase cooperation and enhance communication. I create happy experiences and memories that strengthen my connections to family and friends.

I welcome more laughter into my life.

I lower my defenses. I am comfortable looking silly. I can laugh at myself. I focus on feeling happy rather than wondering if others think I am funny. I learn to love the sound of my own laughter.

I goof around with my kids. I take a break to watch cartoons or play with sock puppets. I watch cat videos and classic comedies online. I post funny messages on social media. I play games like Goat Simulator and Gummy Drop!

I visit my local library. I browse the catalog for funny books, movies, and podcasts. I check the calendar for entertaining virtual and online events.

I start with a smile. If I am short on things to laugh about, I can still put on a happy expression. It is easier to laugh when I am already smiling.

Today, I laugh my way to greater health and wellbeing. A playful attitude helps my mind and body to heal.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is laughter contagious?
2. What is the difference between constructive and destructive humor?
3. How can I develop my sense of humor?

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