I take advantage of technology to maintain close relationships.

In these interesting times, it has been a challenge for me to relate to others when sequestered. I enjoy the physical presence of others. I love to laugh and play with groups of people. I love hugs!

I ask myself, “How can I connect in these unprecedented times?”

Although I prefer in-person contact, I am expanding my horizons to communicate via technology.

I am mindful of what I text or write as it can be misconstrued. I am careful to choose my words wisely, since the written word lacks voice inflection to get my message across. I reread the message before I hit “send”.

I read my words out loud to myself and look at the message from their perspective. I realize that their perspective is based on the information that they have been exposed to, so I err on the side of compassion.

I listen closely and only speak when I truly understand what someone has said. I can always ask questions for clarification. By being understanding and compassionate, I usually can discern their true intention.

I call them on the phone or socialize through video chats when we both have a free moment. I know I can get to the heart of things that matter most when using vocal tones and kindness.

Today, I use technology to keep my relationships intact, even when visits are few and far between.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I maintain my relationships when I can’t visit with those I care about?
2. When texting, what questions can I ask to learn their true intent?
3. How can I honor others by listening consciously and attentively?

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