I stay present.

Daily Affirmation

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I live mindfully. I focus on what is happening now. I appreciate this moment without comparing it to the past or anticipating the future. I clarify my thinking and strengthen my relationships. I feel peaceful and happy.

I slow down. I figure out my priorities and shorten my to do list. I take frequent breaks throughout the day. I savor small pleasures like eating a piece of fruit and walking through my local park.

I do one thing at a time. I give my full attention to each task.

I scan my body. I check for signs of tension. I take a few deep breaths. I relax my forehead and massage my shoulders. I stretch my legs and wiggle my toes.

I repeat positive affirmations. I give myself encouraging messages. I build my confidence and motivation. I devote my time and energy to the things I can control.

I meditate daily. I set aside time for quiet contemplation. I create a peaceful space to sit and observe my thoughts. I gain insights that help me to make wiser choices.

I treat myself and others with kindness and compassion. I forgive past disappointments. I let go of judgements. I listen to others and share my feelings. I connect on a deeper level.

Today, I make mindfulness my way of life. I reduce stress and increase my concentration. Staying present helps me to achieve my goals and enjoy the activities I love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I practice mindfulness if I find it difficult to meditate?
2. How can I remind myself to stay present when my attention begins to wander?
3. What can my children teach me about living in the here and now?

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