I harvest wisdom.

Daily Affirmation

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At this time of the year, I reflect back to see what I have harvested. I realize I have harvested wisdom.

I notice that it has been a tremendous year of self-growth. I know I grow most from challenges, and I have grown a TON! At least now, I can laugh about it. Hindsight truly is 20/20.

I have to give myself credit for what I have accomplished this year. Who knew that I am so resilient? I am grateful that I didn’t know in advance how hard it would be. Just for living through this year, I deserve a badge of courage. As do we all.

I am aware that knowledge can come from books, but only through experience do I gain wisdom. I am grateful for all the experience I have had this year that has brought me to my harvest of wisdom. I have a bountiful harvest.

I harvest the ears of corn. I learn to hear with my ears the messages from my higher self. Each golden kernel is a lesson learned. The taste is sweet now. I have waited patiently for the ripening of my wisdom.

I harvest the squash. I squash old beliefs and fears. I feel so abundant with this mighty harvest. I have overcome many bugs that have tried to destroy my harvest.

I harvest the pumpkin. I watch as it continues to grow even through harsh weather. I learn the magic of hope and faith from the pumpkin.

Today, from this view of hindsight, I can thank my lucky stars for my bountiful harvest of wisdom.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What wisdom have I harvested this year?
2. How can I share this wisdom?
3. Who can I share my harvest with?

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