I give and receive constructive feedback with an open attitude.

Daily Affirmation

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Input from others, both at home and work, is essential for my growth and development. I ask for feedback on my performance. I welcome honest and helpful suggestions.

I listen with an open mind. If I feel tense, I take a deep breath and relax. I focus on the message rather than the messenger. I search for valid points even if I disagree. I write down notes and questions to help me process new information.

I apply what I learn. I use feedback to make positive changes and elevate my performance. I express my thanks. I am grateful for the opportunity to see things from a perspective different from my own.

I focus on being helpful when I give feedback.

I act promptly. I share feedback on a regular basis rather than waiting for annual reviews or formal meetings. I choose an appropriate setting. I praise others in public and raise sensitive subjects in private.

I use specific language. I prepare what I need to say. I focus on actions instead of personalities. I provide examples and descriptions. I encourage two-way discussions.

I make positive observations too. I let others know that I admire their strengths and recognize their achievements.

Today, I give and receive thoughtful and timely feedback that helps myself and others to reach our goals as we build mutually supportive relationships.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it sometimes difficult to give and receive feedback?
2. What is the difference between feedback and advice?
3. What can I do to create a feedback-friendly culture in my workplace?

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