I free myself from fear.

I refuse to let my doubts hold me back.

I build my self-confidence. I adopt a growth mindset. I give myself credit for making an effort. I think positive and focus on solutions. I continue learning and strengthening my skills.

I face challenges head on. I feel the fear and do it anyway. I grow calmer and more resilient each time I forge ahead.

I focus on what I have to gain. I take worthwhile risks. I acknowledge the cost of missing opportunities because I am afraid of failing or looking foolish.

I give myself a pep talk. I recognize my talents and achievements. I think about obstacles I have overcome in the past. I remember that I am capable and wise.

I seek support. I build healthy relationships based on give and take. I ask others for assistance. I look for friends and partners who complement my strengths.

I start out small and work my way up. Beating a small fear prepares me for bigger tests. I practice being more assertive with my friends before asking my boss for a raise.

I view myself with compassion. I empathize with my struggles and treat myself gently when I feel vulnerable. I embrace my emotions while choosing to make rational decisions that promote my overall wellbeing.

Today, I conquer my fears. I deal with doubts constructively and trust in my abilities. I take action and keep moving toward my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the positive aspects of fear?
2. How can I relax my body when I feel anxious?
3. What is one thing I can do today that seems scary and rewarding?

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