I find common ground through common sense.

Daily Affirmation

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In these tumultuous times, it is easy to be tossed to and fro in the winds of change, like a ship without a rudder. I take back command of my vessel with common sense.

In seeing the chaos out in the World that is tearing at the very fabric of families, friends, and society, I am learning to weave broken threads back together.

I ask myself: “How can I bring people back together? How can I help them see that a house that is divided falls? What can I do to turn this chaos around?”

I believe that one person CAN make a difference. I remember the story of one man who put his finger in the dike and stopped a flood.

I recall many stories where one person has made a difference. I think about Moses, Abraham, and Jesus from the Bible.

I know that I, too, can make a difference.

I start to think about the common sense of my ancestors. I gather stories of my grandparents that show how they used common sense for the common good.

I think of the Founding Fathers of the United States who fought with blood, sweat, and tears to bring divided states into the United States.

I know that if I do my part to influence those around me to see what we have in common rather than our differences, I can make a positive impact. I can bring greater peace. I can bring unity.

Today, I commit to do my part to use common sense to find common ground and bring greater peace and understanding to my community.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do today to create common ground?
2. Who can I influence for good?
3. How can I make a difference in this World?

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