I courageously speak my truth.

Daily Affirmation

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I am grateful that I have overcome my fear of speaking up for myself. Although it has taken time and effort, it is worth it to have finally found my voice.

I have had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get to this place. I am grateful for all of my teachers who have served me in awakening to who I truly am. Even if they have been tough teachers, I have grown from the experience.

In finding my voice, I free my mind to speak my truth. I gain courage by trusting my heart. This too has taken time, but it has been totally worth it to fall back in love with my inner self.

I acknowledge my inner knowing. I embrace my inner child and give it a great big hug. Once it feels safe, it springs from my arms and dances around the garden of my heart. It sings and shouts at the top of its lungs and it feels Wonderful.

I feel so strong in my heart right now. I know I can express my opinion and it will all be okay! I find the words to speak and they no longer get stuck in my throat. The words just slip right out.

I know that I am safe to speak my truth.

What a thrill it is to have the courage of a LION and finally ROAR!

Today, as I grow in strength and courage, I also become more articulate with my words. I am able to express my thoughts from my heart and I am heard.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What more can I do to gain courage?
2. What is in my heart that needs to be spoken out loud?
3. Who is my audience?

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