I broaden my bandwidth of receptivity.

Daily Affirmation

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As I open to the magnificence all around me, I expand my awareness. Just as a giant satellite dish, I increase my ability to receive based on how open I am to receive.

I stand up straight and tall like an antenna, open my arms wide, and pick up new information from all around me.

I feel my heart open up to receive more love. I feel my mind open up to receive new perspectives. I feel my cells open up to receive more sunshine.

I feel expansive.

Like a radio, I can tune into whatever station I want to listen to. I can choose to listen to FM or AM, or satellite. I open up to the greatest bandwidth available. I feel myself expanding in all areas.

Now that I have unblocked my heart, new and exciting friendships appear. I love that my new friends are open and authentic. I am happy that I feel safe to open to more honest love.

Now that I have reduced the static in my mind and let go of old worn out beliefs, I can expand my mind into fresh new territory. I can view the Earth from my satellite perspective.

Now that I have opened up to alternative forms of health, I find wonderful activities that are fun and exciting. I love that I am getting more sunshine. I love that I am breathing fresh air. I love that I am eating nourishing foods. I love that I am getting the rest I need.

Today, I am happy that I have found greater bliss by expanding my awareness to the magnificence around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I broaden my bandwidth of receptivity?
2. What activities help me feel more alive?
3. How can I share my new perspective?

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