I appreciate my partner.

Daily Affirmation

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My relationship with my partner is strong and satisfying. I appreciate my significant other. My words and actions show them how much I love them.

I communicate openly and tactfully. I share my thoughts and feelings. I give my partner updates on my daily activities. I discuss major decisions with them. I listen closely to them and validate their experiences.

I express my gratitude. I let my partner know that they make a difference in my life. I thank them sincerely and often.

I praise my partner in public. I tell my family and friends about their positive qualities. I support their relationships with their own family, friends, and colleagues.

I share responsibilities. We work as a team, recognizing each other’s strengths. We divide housework and parenting.

I resolve conflicts promptly and respectfully. I understand that disagreements are natural. Being flexible and seeking common ground draws us closer together.

I accept their quirks. I look at the big picture. I focus on what I like about my partner instead of dwelling on pet peeves. I overlook whistling off-key and squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle.

I make thoughtful gestures and plan romantic dates. I leave love notes in their sock drawer and cook special dinners.

Today, I show my partner kindness and appreciation. Our relationship is a top priority. I strengthen our connection by telling them how much I love them and looking for ways to make their life happier and easier.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What would happen to my relationship if I took my partner for granted?
2. How can I feel close to my partner when we are apart?
3. How can I let my partner know that I am proud of them?

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