I am true to myself.

I make my relationship with myself a top priority. I align my actions with my values. I make my own decisions instead of being pulled off course by external expectations and peer pressure.

I increase my self-awareness. I meditate and pray. I observe my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I keep a journal and review it frequently. It helps me to track my habits and understand my motivation.

I live mindfully. I focus on the present moment.

I stand up for my principles. I hold firm to my beliefs while respecting the rights of others. I remain calm and search for common ground. I am comfortable explaining my position in business meetings and personal relationships.

I advocate for myself. I set reasonable boundaries. I let others know when I need help. I remind myself that I am worthy of love. I validate my feelings and repeat positive affirmations.

I develop close and honest relationships. I reveal myself to my loved ones. I earn their trust.

My work is fulfilling for me. I choose a career that is compatible with my strengths and passions. I define success on my own terms. My self-esteem grows when I help others and build on my accomplishments.

I take care of my physical and mental wellbeing. I invest in myself by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and managing stress.

Today, I treat myself like a beloved friend. I honor my commitments to myself. I have the courage to be who I am.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What holds me back from speaking the truth sometimes?
2. What are my core values?
3. How can I tell when I am being authentic?

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