I am laying the foundation for my future.

Daily Affirmation

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I am the creator of my life. I am the architect of this project. I see the blueprint of my perfect life in my minds’ eye. I am laying out what I want to create brick by brick, step by step.

I think carefully about the realm I wish to create. My heart’s desires unfold like a fantasy book.

Like a little child building a fort from chairs and blankets, I see potential resources all around me. I have everything I need right now. I look around me and allow my imagination to build castles from boxes.

I create a vision board to get the pictures that are in my mind onto solid paper. I gather symbols that influence my subconscious to start building the scaffold of my skyscraper.

I write positive affirmations in my journal of what I want to show up in my reality.

I allow my creative brain to paint details in technicolor. I wake up from lucid dreaming with amazing answers to my questions.

Today, I see my fantasy start to manifest into my reality. I watch in astonishment as things unfold even more wonderfully than I can imagine.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do today to start creating the future of my dreams?
2. What practical steps am I taking to overcome any block to my creative imagination?
3. Who can I call on as a trusted mentor to stimulate my capacity for growth?

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