My partner loves me for who I am.

Daily Affirmation

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My relationship is close and strong. I make building and maintaining our connection a top priority.

I communicate openly. I tell my partner what is on my mind, instead of assuming that they already know. I ask them when they want me to step in and when they want their space. I give them my full attention when we talk.

I cultivate gratitude and express appreciation. I focus on the things I like about my partner. I let little things go.

I spend time with my partner. We try to eat meals together at least once a day. We share funny stories and laughter. We find hobbies that we both enjoy, like playing tennis and cooking. We plan weekly date nights and long vacations.

I support my partner. I validate their feelings. I empathize with their struggles and celebrate their victories. I do kind things for them, like watching Three Stooges movies and taking on extra chores.

I trust my partner. I know that they support me too. I can count on their positive intentions even when we disagree.

I hang onto my own identity. We each have our individual friends and interests. We enjoy each other’s company and our time apart. Our expectations are realistic. We allow each other to be ourselves. Our love is unconditional.

Today, I remind myself of how important my partner is to me. We make each other feel special. We thrive as a couple.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When did I realize I loved my partner?
2. How can I help my partner deal with stress?
3. How can working on myself make my relationship stronger?

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