I am blessed.

My life is filled with blessings and good news.

I awaken each and every day to greet new opportunities. This gives me the chance to grow, change, evolve, and develop.

I am blessed in every area of my life. I achieve my dreams, goals, and ambitions effortlessly.

I see that the prosperity in my life takes a number of different forms. I am thankful for the wealth that allows me to live a safe, comfortable life, to travel and experience new opportunities, and to pursue the dreams and desires that I have.

I see that I am blessed to surround myself with loving friends and family ” those who genuinely want me to succeed, and who are excited for my growth and development.

I feel gratitude to have a body that supports and nourishes me and allows me to explore the world around me to enjoy all that life has to offer.

I am grateful for the incredible blessings that surrounds me at each and every turn.

I know that I am worthy of success. I deserve the gifts that comes my way, and I appreciate the chances to prove myself and to build my dream life.

Today, I choose to embrace my blessings. I see the incredible opportunities and achievements that are all around me, and I see that I have crafted the life that I deserve. I am worthy of success, and I embrace and enjoy my victories.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. If I picture a life that is my dream, what would it look like?
2. What three things am I most grateful for right now in this moment?
3. How can I share my blessings with others?

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