How to Plan Your First Workout at the Fitness Club


You didn’t join a fitness club because you had spare change to waste or because you wanted to seem cool. You joined a fitness club because you have fitness goals you’d like to achieve.

You may have wanted to lose weight, build your endurance, or get a muscular body. Whatever the case, you knew it would not be easy. There is a lot of work involved in keeping fit, yet you joined a fitness club.

It is a new experience for you, though. What exactly are you going to do when you arrive?

As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So how can you plan your first workout, so you don’t blunder so much on your first visit? Let’s consider how to do this.

Planning Your First Workout

There isn’t a “one-plan-for-all” template we can use in planning our workout. This is because we are all different.

Because of this, creating an exercise program will vary based on your age, health, goals, and more. For your first workout, what matters most is getting the foundation right. You can then build on that to develop an effective workout routine you’d enjoy.

To prepare for your first workout, things to consider are:

1. What you’ll wear and other essentials. Not every piece of clothing is appropriate for working out. You can’t train in jeans, for instance. For ease in powering through your session, have training clothes, sturdy trainers, and a sweat towel.

● Other essentials include a filled water bottle and post-workout snacks if you know you’ll need them.

2. Warm up. You don’t want to make the mistake of hitting the treadmill or weights before warming up. Warm-ups are important because they prepare your body for strenuous exercises.

● Warm-ups loosen your muscles and lower your risk of injuring yourself. You’re reducing the chances of cramping up. Plan to warm up before starting any exercises.

Which Machines To Use For Your Preferred Workout Goals?

Experts encourage total body workouts focusing on all major muscles for beginners.

There are two types of training, though: strength and cardio training. Strength training focuses on building your strength and lean muscles. The cardio workout builds your stamina and burns calories and excess fat.

It would help if you focused on training that best fits your goal.

There may be fitness equipment like a treadmill and weight machines in your club. These will help with your preferred training type. Before you use this equipment, make sure you understand what it is. Understand how to use it and if it is appropriate for your fitness goals.

As mentioned earlier, there’s no “one size fits all” workout. But there is a routine that can maximize benefits if we are new to the fitness club. What routine is this?

Once you’re done warming up, here’s what you do:

1. Start with five-minute cardio. Get your heart rate up with five minutes of cardio. It could be a fast-paced walk on the treadmill or any preferred cardio workout.

2. Perform some resistance training. Resistance training, using weights you’re comfortable lifting, should follow. The training should be specific to your needs and abilities.

3. Perform a high-intensity interval training circuit. This training comprises short yet intense exercises, followed by rest periods.

4. Cool down after you stretch. It is important to stretch and cool down at the end of your workout to prevent injury. It could be as simple as a five-minute gentle walk on a treadmill or customized to your needs.

Plan a workout routine you can carry out with consistency and ease as you start your fitness journey. Also, ensure that your workout is in line with your fitness goals. You’ll enjoy every day spent at the club as you do so. Even better, you’ll be healthy, happy, and energized.

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