How To Enjoy A Tidy House – Forever!

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There’s a saying that a clean house is a happy house, and there is no denying that keeping your home clean, tidy, and organized plays a major role in helping to reduce your stress levels.

Finding the time to tidy your house, however, can be much easier said than done. We all live busy lives, and getting into a routine can be very tricky. To help, we’ve put together this short guide about how to tidy your house – and keep it clean for the foreseeable future.

1. Crack down on clutter. It’s tricky to tidy your house if the rooms are filled with clutter. This will increase your stress levels, make it hard to find things that you need, and make it harder to tidy your house.

* When you have fewer items around, you’ll be able to keep things neat and organized, and this will help you to tidy more quickly and effectively.

2. A place for everything. Once you’ve eliminated clutter, it’s important to make sure that everything has a place to live. This is one element that’s crucial to speeding up your tidying and helping you create a clean house.

* Take some time – perhaps a weekend – to make sure that each and every item in your home has a place to live. This may take a little while, but it will be well worth it when it only takes five minutes to tidy!

3. Divide up the rooms. Once everything is organized and decluttered, divide your chores into the rooms of your house, and allocate a day to each room.

* Alternatively, assign each chore a day of the week. For example, you vacuum on Mondays, dust on Tuesdays, and clean mirrors on Wednesdays. Alternatively, you may clean the bathroom on Monday, the kitchen on Tuesday, and so on.

* Pick a routine that works for you and your household, and that you know you will find easy to stick to.

4. Clean little and often. Another top trick to make your life simpler is to clean little and often. This will eliminate the need to do a huge, whole-house clean once a week.

* Throw bleach down the toilet when you visit at night or spritz the counters before you go to bed each night.

* Doing a little cleaning now and then will soon add up, and you will notice a large reduction in your workload.

5. Have tools on hand. Grab a box or basket, and fill this with everything that you need to clean – sponges, sprays, squeegees, dusters, and polish. Place this in a cupboard that you have easy access to. This will ensure that you always have the tools you need to hand, and increases the chances that you will actually clean.

* If you have a large house, place a basket upstairs and one downstairs to make your life even easier!
By breaking down your chores into manageable chunks, you are reducing the amount of work that you need to do in one go. This also helps you to stay on top of things, and offers you more time to relax in a clean, mess-free sanctuary.

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