Food is my friend.

Daily Affirmation

Food is my friend.

Food is my friend.

I nourish my body and mind. I shop carefully. I browse the outer aisles at the supermarket for vegetables and fruits. I read labels to select products with low sugar and salt.

I keep wholesome snacks within reach. I keep nuts and string cheese in my office and a bowl of fruit on my kitchen counter.

I eat mindfully. I sit down and savor my food. I chew slowly. I set a beautiful table. I notice the flavors, textures, and colors of what is on my plate. I recognize when I am full.

I enjoy sharing meals with family, friends, and coworkers. I love preparing special dishes. I focus on bonding with my guests and creating happy memories.

I listen to my body. I love and appreciate it as it is. I find healthy ways to satisfy my cravings and hunger.

I notice how my eating patterns affect my mood and energy levels. I choose whole foods that give me the nutrients I need without excess calories.

I avoid fad diets. I adopt habits that I can stick with for life. I lose weight safely and talk with my doctor or a nutritionist about my personal needs.

I treat myself with compassion if I experience any stress or guilt about eating. I examine the underlying causes and search for ways to overcome them. I ask for help if I need it.

Today, I feel thankful for the food I eat. I make healthy choices and practice moderation.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I describe my relationship with food?
2. What do I love about my favorite dessert?
3. How can I distinguish between hunger and boredom?

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