Daily Affirmations

My Daily Affirmation

I renew and recharge.

I bounce back from disappointments and daily pressures. I relax. I take a few deep breaths. I visualize lush green fields or tall snowy mountains. I soak in a warm

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I own my feelings.

I accept myself as I am. I identify my emotions. Being able to describe what I am feeling helps me to cope more effectively. I distinguish between heartache and moodiness.

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Pregnancy changed my life
I control my life.

I am the captain of my ship. I make my own decisions and take responsibility for my choices. I listen to my intuition. I follow my heart. I define what

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Aged Man With Mat Portrait
I celebrate my age.

I grow wiser and happier with each passing year. I take care of my health. I eat nutritious foods and watch my weight. I sleep well and manage stress. I

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Now I have time only for myself
I am true to myself.

I make my relationship with myself a top priority. I align my actions with my values. I make my own decisions instead of being pulled off course by external expectations

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I think I will take a break. Businesswoman with curly blonde hair indoors in cafe at daytime
I am remarkable.

I have so many reasons to be grateful and proud. I overcome obstacles. I clarify my priorities and set compelling goals. I break big projects down into smaller steps. I

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Exercise is fun.

I love to work out. I create interesting challenges for myself. I set goals for building my strength, increasing my flexibility, and conditioning my heart. I track my progress. I

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Time To Relax
My time is valuable.

I clarify my priorities. I devote most of my resources to the activities that I find meaningful. I invest in my health and relationships. I do work that is rewarding

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Meeting of young volunteers team in park
My morale is strong.

I am motivated and brimming with energy. I find meaning and purpose in my work. I take initiative. I go beyond my job description. I volunteer for high profile projects.

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Mothers love
Love guides me.

I listen to my heart. I treat others with kindness and respect. I give generously. I share my time, money, and talents. I do favors for others without expecting anything

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love + laughter
Laughter heals me.

Humor helps me through uncertain and difficult times. It lifts my spirits. Sadness and frustration melt away when I notice something funny. I feel more energetic and creative when I

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top view of card with 'goals' lettering, blank notebook and cup of coffee on blue background, goal
I write down my goals.

I know what I want and how to achieve it. Putting my goals on paper clarifies my thinking and increases my motivation. I deepen my sense of commitment. I feel

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I love staying in your arms
I stay present.

I live mindfully. I focus on what is happening now. I appreciate this moment without comparing it to the past or anticipating the future. I clarify my thinking and strengthen

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I return to happiness.

Although this year has been very challenging, I choose to return to happiness. I use many tools to aid me in my journey. I repeat affirmations to increase my happiness.

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The wise
I harvest wisdom.

At this time of the year, I reflect back to see what I have harvested. I realize I have harvested wisdom. I notice that it has been a tremendous year

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I wander this World in awe.

I wander this World in awe and wonder. I am constantly surprised at its incredible beauty. As I notice and appreciate this World, it reveals even more surprises. I love

I tap into the Universal Presence.

I take the time to be one with the universal presence. By being present to all that is, I am aware of things that I would like to let go

I take a holiday from the Holidays.

In reflection, I have noticed a pattern of getting stressed and depressed around the Holiday Season. I am consciously changing that pattern NOW! I am aware of any thoughts that

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