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Love is limitless.

Love is the solution to any challenge. Love deepens my relationships. I give others my full attention and care about their needs. I accept and appreciate them as they are

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way, clouds, seat belts
My direction is clear.

My life has purpose and meaning. I live with authenticity and integrity. I make choices that align with my values and make progress each day. I continue learning. I try

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Friends will be friends
My friends lift me up.

Staying connected makes me happier and healthier. I enjoy fun times. My friends remind me to laugh and play on a regular basis. I block out time in my calendar

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I wander this World in awe.

I wander this World in awe and wonder. I am constantly surprised at its incredible beauty. As I notice and appreciate this World, it reveals even more surprises. I love

I tap into the Universal Presence.

I take the time to be one with the universal presence. By being present to all that is, I am aware of things that I would like to let go

I take a holiday from the Holidays.

In reflection, I have noticed a pattern of getting stressed and depressed around the Holiday Season. I am consciously changing that pattern NOW! I am aware of any thoughts that

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