I create a peaceful presence.

I create that presence long before I enter a room. I cultivate a peaceful presence the minute I wake up. In fact, before I go to bed, I program myself into peaceful sleep.

I know that if I create a peaceful presence inside, my outer world is at peace too. I notice that others become calm around me. I see that they respect me. I feel their kindness and admiration towards me.

It benefits me and everyone around me when I project serenity.

By creating peace within, I am creating peace without. I am doing my part to create a better world.

I notice that I go through life with more ease and grace. I breathe more easily. I smile more gently. My eyes look on others with more softness.

I can actually feel peace swell up in my heart. That peace expands my lungs. I notice that I stand tall and stoically. Like a Wise Elder, I am kind with my words. I see that others listen to me more intently.

I now become an Influencer of Peace. My thoughts are clear and calm. My words have more meaning.

From this new place of peace within, I can be more patient with myself. I am kinder with my self-talk. I show myself more compassion. That in turn, starts rippling out to my family, friends, and business associates.

Today, I am grateful that I have found my place of peace. I create a peaceful presence wherever I go.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to create my place of peace?
2. How can I be a more peaceful presence?
3. Where I can use more peace in my life?

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